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SIXO, quite simply you are one of the sweetest little guys in the world.  At six, you’ve officially started to grow up and develop your own imagination, priorities and continue to break new ground in your ever determined way.

Let’s start with imagination,  You’re simply obsessed with Lego’s.  You love them.  The routine plays itself out over and over.  As you open a new Lego toy you dutifully follow the instructions to build yet another masterpiece that will only have a limited lifespan. Within two days, a once beautifully constructed space ship, car, or airplane is soon nothing but hundreds of more pieces of Legos in your mountain of interlocking blocks.  It’s at this point, your imagination takes over!  Most every day when you arrive home from school you set about creating an adventure.  Building various ships and buildings from that mountain of Legos to create a world of your own.  It’s been amazing to watch your imagination come alive over the past year in some of the coolest lego inventions that anyone could build.

As for priorities, this was your year of independence and a year that I watched to grow up and become your own person.  It happened slowly, but over the course of the year, you were more content to be on your own.  Almost preferring it at times.  No longer did you want dad next to you every time you relaxed on the couch.  No longer did you need Mom or me in order to play.  No longer did I have to be so concerned when you were outside, I just knew you would be ok.  This is the year I will remember that you started your own journey in life.  Taking the roads that you want to take.  No longer content to just follow along.  At least you still look behind you every now and then just to make sure Mom and I are there, and every so often you still ask me to lay down with you at night.  I know you will continue to grow up more and more, but part of me just wants to bottle you up exactly as you are so nothing changes.

Finally, as you choose those roads that you want to take it has been fun to see you break new ground.  This year Poppie Tom taught you to ride your bike without training wheels.  For some reason, you don’t really listen to dad, but Poppie convinced you that he could teach you to ride your bike in ten short lessons.  He took you on the street and to the school parking lot and you counted down the lessons in anticipation of riding on your own.  I will always remember the day I pulled up to the school parking lot to see my Owen riding across the parking lot all by himself.  In typcial Owen fashion, it didn’t take you ten lessons to learn how to ride.  I think you had it after about six.

This year also other firsts.  You began to play soccer, you formed a great friendship with your best friend/neighbor, Michael, and of course you started kindergarten.  The first day of kindergarten was harder on me than you.  I had the opportunity to drop you off that day, and to be able to see you be so excited and brave was fantastic.  Now, each  and every day you load up three lego guys in your pocket (so you have enough to share with friends), and head off to school to learn new things and begin to conquer the world.  You continue to amaze me every day as you form new friendships and learn amazing new things.

So it’s been a big year buddy.  You’re a loyal friend to those around you, a patient brother to Morgan, and fantasic son to Mom and I.  Quite simply, I couldn’t be prouder of the boy that you’ve become.  You make me so proud, and remember….  I love you to the mailbox and back.  Happy birthday little guy!


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November 10, 2009 at 7:50 pm

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