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The Year in Pictures – 2009

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2009 saw a lot of time dedicated to work and kids leaving less time for photography, but oh well.

When I did have time this year I feel I advanced my understanding of light and improved my workflow and processing within Lightroom and Photoshop. Looking back on my goals for 2009, I wouldn’t consider it a terribly successful year, but it was fun nonetheless.

2009 Goals:

  • Time: Concerted effort to spend more time shooting by setting a monthly goal. – Grade D. Work and Family were extremely busy this year. Additionally, biking consumed more time on the weekends. Towards the end of the year, I started to find photography again. Need to set monthly goals in 2010.
  • Lighting & Posing: Improved understanding of light and expand into working with flash. – Grade B. Given my near failing grade on Time, I feel good about lighting. I learned a ton about lighting by registering for a Kelby Online Training subscription where I watched Joe McNally’s classes. Fascinating and he finally convinced me that shooting with small speedlights was right for me. This discovery was late in the year, and I’m just getting into lighting with two 580 EXII lights. Look forward to learning more here and light is starting to make sense to me.
  • Landscapes: Expand time spent shooting landscapes. – Grade C. Landscapes are just not my thing entirely, but I’m determined to try. I’ve expanded my studying of photographers such as Moose Peterson, Camille Seaman, and others to develop a style. One of my biggest lessons of the year came from Moose Peterson who convinced me that you don’t always have to have dramatic vistas to take interesting photos of nature. Much more to come on this front in 2010.
  • People: Continued focus on shooting people as this is what inevitably brings me the most joy and the most meaning to my pictures. – Grade A- People still bring me the most joy. Especially Owen and Morgan. Nothing gives me as much satisfaction of giving someone a picture of themselves or their kids. It’s a memory captured.

2010 Goals: Given the hectic work schedule and generally poor grades I gave myself, 2010 goals will look familiar.

  • Monthly Goal: Create a monthly calendar for photography goals.
  • Light: Acquire 1-2 more speedlights and a couple of diffusers to continue experimentation of understanding how to shape light.
  • Landscapes: 2-4 dedicated landscape/outdoor shoots + figure out a way to combine mountain biking and photography (without breaking my camera).
  • Black and White: Develop a more dramatic black and white conversion. In 2009, I just started to scratch the surface of understanding black and white. In 2010, it will become natural for me.
  • People: It’s why I shoot.

Below are some of my favorites from the past year that document my continued learning:

Early attempt at landscape concepts.

Loon taken in Hayward, Wisconsin. One of the most beautiful and elusive birds there is. A shot like this is only possible in early spring as the loon protects her nest.

First picture with the 16-35mm lens. I think I'm going to like the wider perspective and can't wait to see what it brings to my photography in the next year.

Rushing Water - learning about shutter speed. A simple shot, but one I had never taken the time to shoot. This is an example of a nice shot from a very average location, a stream near our house.


Alone - love the scale of the boy vs. the vast white background.

Elena - Loved the soft, classic look that appeared here.

Michael - neighbor and practically our third son. A sweet boy that is very fortunate.

Dan (our neighbor) asked me to take a picture of this amazing family. This is what makes photography rewarding for me. Really liked the posed, yet somewhat relaxed feel we got here.

Holiday picture for friends. Loved the casual look we got here.


My first attempt with purposeful lighting.

Soccer: Nothing special here, just loved Owen's look in this picture. Growing Up.

Memories Captured - Morgan's first fish! A walleye caught off the dock at the cabin.

Morgan by the lake. Love how this captures his spirit.

Bridget's entire family caught by themselves on a trip to the pumpkin patch. There were hundreds of other people around, so I just love how this captured them all by themselves. Also reminds me that some of the best pictures can be made when people are not even looking at the camera.

My little guy in the woods. Cherish this shot from a crisp fall morning.

Without question, this was the hardest year so far for good pictures of Owen. This was a rare morning just before his sixth birthday where he actually was willing to sit for a picture. Love the little guy with all of my heart and he's more amazing every single day.

I love the scale of this picture. Owen dwarfed by the forest around him just gives me the sense that a great adventure is about to begin.

Another experiment with lighting and I was reasonably pleased. More than that, I love how this sums up our boys. Owen getting more and more mature and Morgan just being Morgan. I'm almost certain my mom has a picture of me looking exactly like Morgan at age 2!


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December 31, 2009 at 6:55 am

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