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2010 Behind the Lens

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Another year has gone by behind the lens, so it’s time for a report card against goals, and to remember the year.  Here were the goals I set a year ago.

2010 Goals:

  • Monthly Goal: Create a monthly calendar for photography goals. (Grade = F: Work got in the way.  With a change of roles in mid 2010, photography took a bit of a back seat.  I achieved some of my goals, but really only scratched the surface.)
  • Light: Acquire 1-2 more speedlights and a couple of diffusers to continue experimentation of understanding how to shape light.  (Grade = C: I have the equipment that I think I want for now and have begun to learn a bit.  Not nearly aggressive enough to feel comfortable with shaping light yet, but my understanding this year is better than last.)
  • Landscapes: 2-4 dedicated landscape/outdoor shoots + figure out a way to combine mountain biking and photography (without breaking my camera).  (Grade = C:  Got out a couple of times, but for very short amounts of time.  I spent a great deal of time this year studying landscape photographers on twitter and the web, and have a better understanding of how they achieve their craft.)
  • Black and White: Develop a more dramatic black and white conversion. In 2009, I just started to scratch the surface of understanding black and white. In 2010, it will become natural for me.   (Grade = B:  Between Lightroom and Photoshop, I think I’ve developed a black and white style I’m happy with and feel I have a solid understanding what goes into a black and white photo.)
  • People: It’s why I shoot. (Grade C = This year was busy and largely focused on the boys.  Had the opportunity to shoot one baby and help on one wedding which was fun, but schedule left me a bit short of this goal.

While 2010 wasn’t a great year for shooting due to a pretty intense work schedule, it did provide my single most successful day ever as a photographer.  The day was Saturday, May 15th and I spent the day as “support” for a Dan and Mark, a couple of friends that were riding the Almanzo 100.  The Almanzo 100 is a 100 mile gravel road bike race across the hills of southern Minnesota, so with plenty of time to kill that day, I decided to bring the camera.  Without much of a plan, I started shooting the riders.  Mostly concerned with connecting with Dan and Mark at a couple of checkpoints, I soon realized that I could probable get some pretty cool pictures of a lot of the riders that they may appreciate.  I ended the day with hundreds of photos which I then posted to flickr to share with the world.  The next day, I have over 40,000 views of these photos and people seemed genuinely appreciative.  It was an incredible day, and in the spirit of Chris Skogen, the founder of the Almanzo, I was able to provide many riders with a rare picture of themselves in action.  A lot of fun, and I look forward to a return to the Almanzo on 2011.

So, onto 2011.  My goals are simplifying and the focus will be on shooting.  Here are my goals:

  • Work, Shmirck:  Life’s too short, so work can no longer be a barrier to shooting.  I will have my camera in my hand much more in 2011.
  • Projects:  Rather than worry about Landscapes, Lighting, People, etc. I’m going to focus on a couple of projects.  One will be the Almanzo 100 and the other is still to be defined, but will stretch me in ways that make me uncomfortable and push me to shoot more.
  • The Boys:  Much to their dismay, I still truly love to capture my boys growing up.  I’m blessed with two fantastic little guys and my mission to document their youth continues.  Couldn’t be prouder of Owen and Morgan.

That’s it.  Simple and to the point.  Shoot more in 2011.  Here’s a look back at some of my favorite shots for 2010.

An Early year trip to San Diego allowed my to capture this wonderful shot of the La Costa Resort.  Classic California.

La Costa

This shot of La Jolla was actually my first “published” photo when the Schamp travel site contacted me to see if they could use this photo for their website.

La Jolla

Landscape work:  I eyed this shot most every week as I would go on my bike rides out west of Maple Grove.  The round barn is unique and I was happy with how this photo turned out.

Round Barn

Landscape: Shot from up at the cabin this fall.  Liked how the white trees stood out and the yellow leaves of the Aspen’s remained late into the fall.


This is probably my favorite shot from the Almanzo 100.  It captures the spirit of the event in one frame.  100 miles, by yourself, through the rolling hills of souther Minnesota.  Fantastic event.


My best friend Dan in action.  Darcie his wife claimed that this was the best picture every taken of him on his bike.  Glad I took it!


Another great picture of the spirit of the Almanzo.  This was a group of riders late in the race on the final climb.  Determination.


I liked the black and white treatment here.  If you look closely, this was a single speed bike.  Insane for 100 miles on gravel.


Metal:  One of my better pictures of the day.  Unknown to me at the time, this ended up being the husband of a friend of someone who worked for me at Target.  Small world.  I was able to provide a larger print to this rider.


The spirit of the Almanzo.


People:  My one newborn session of the year.  Was still happy with how I capture the little ones.



My boys:

Dreams begin – I’ll always cherish this picture.  Owen’s first Twins game ever in the brand new stadium.

Where dreams begin!

Growing up:  Morgan learns to ride a bike at age 3.


So cute:  Just a quick capture one night in the bath tub while I tested out a new lens.  Just love the innocence of this picture.


Owen and Morgan:  One time per year, right before Owen’s birthday, we are somehow granted just enough patience from the boys to capture some nice photographs.  Here are three of my favorites from this years session.





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December 11, 2010 at 2:00 pm

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  1. Wonderful photos from the year. I particularly like the CA photos and the baby and of course “The Boys”. You have some skill at this, continue to pursue it.

    Ray Lindner

    December 13, 2010 at 12:29 am

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