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Learning to Fly

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Continually amazed while watching Owen grow up and try new things. For his birthday, in November, Owen asked for a skateboard. As luck would have it we got our first snow on his birthday making for a terribly long winter as well as erasing his opportunity to get outside.

We solved that by spending New Year’s Day at the 3rd Layer Skatepark to learn a little about skateboarding.  Everyone was nervous at the start.  Owen was eager to learn, but had never skateboarded before.  Mom and Dad were nervous for their little guy to succeed.  In typcial Owen fashion, he listened carefully, started cautiously, and quickly began to build his confidence.  Progressing from standing, to pushing, and then on to larger and larger ramps Owen fought through the spills with determination and was soon traveling significant distance and steering just a bit.

Leaving the park Owen said “can we come back tomorrow?”.  We’ll see if his interest maintains, but for now we’ll be proud of our little guy for his willingness to try new things. Go Owen Go!

Owen with his teacher

An early run.
Going Strong

Owen’s favorite part. Learning how to go up and down the ramp.

Learning to fly

Looking out at the skatepark.


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January 2, 2011 at 6:41 pm

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