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Morgan – FIVE

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Today you turn five and what a year it’s been. You’re the consummate little brother, always trying to keep up, and proving that you can be just as good as your brother and the older kids in the neighborhood. Simply put, the world’s in trouble when Morgan grows up because you are determined. This year saw a lot of firsts. You were the first in our family to break a bone (not surprisingly) when you fell off the slide and broke your arm. You wore your cast with pride and are now fully recovered. You busted loose of training wheels and learned to ride your bike on you own in one morning. From there, you never looked back. Once winter came, it was off to the snowboard hill. At the first snow, you walked up the hill one morning and taught yourself how to get down the hill in about 30 minutes. Finally, you have started to take skating seriously in your second season and have decided to practice hard in order to play hockey next year.

It’s been amazing fun watching you develop your own passions this year. You love to ride bike, skate, dress up in costumes and pretend you are saving the world. Be it firefighter, pirate, police man, or super hero, the world is in safe hands with Morgan in charge. You’ve also done wonderfully in school. You’re letters and numbers are really taking off and you’re getting excited for Kindergarten next year.

Morgan, you are simply one of a kind and we love watching you spread your wings and fly. Here’s hoping the next year is filled with even more firsts! Happy Birthday buddy.

Love, Dad.



Morgan on Ice

Poor Morgie.  Fell last night and broke wrist 2 days before vacation.  He's a trooper and doing just fine.


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February 22, 2012 at 5:16 am

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