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TEN – Owen

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A decade. Wow. I can still remember rolling you out of the delivery room to show Great Grandma her very first great grandchild. I remember getting to know you at the hospital, driving you home, walking you around the house when we got home. I remember you getting sick at 2 weeks old and holding you upright at night for about 2 weeks so you could breath. It all just seems like a short time ago, but it wasn’t. You’re 10 Owen and we couldn’t be prouder.

At 10, you have an active imagination. This year has seen you enjoy starting to draw, continue to enjoy building lego creations, and thoroughly enjoy playing Minecraft. You’ve also started to enjoy reading which is wonderful to see. You’re devouring books during the evenings and appear to enjoy the worlds that reading is taking you into. You work independently and excel at school. You have a handful of really good friends that you enjoy playing with and a family that you love. You’re wise beyond your years, an independent soul that is sure in his ways. To say this is what I was hoping for 10 years ago when I met you would be an understatement, and while I realize that most every dad could write something like this about their son, I sure am happy to call you MY son. You’re an impressive young boy and I can’t wait to see what the next 10 years bring your way.

We love you O!

Owen @ 10
untitled shoot-3982.jpg

Owen with his best friends (Nick S, Owen, Oliver and Morgan, Devin, Jake, Tyler, Nick P, Cal)
untitled shoot-.jpg

Our trip to Washington state after you wanted to go visit the Space Needle

You took this picture

You continue to love visiting the lake

For sports, you took up snowboarding and started to hit the skatepark this year. Mostly on your scooter.
20130106 - OwenSnowboarding-2392.jpg


Your cousin Delaney = Soulmate
untitled shoot-3760.jpg


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November 10, 2013 at 5:23 pm

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  1. Dude, I envy you. This ranks in my book as a challenge. This girl is classified by pua’s as a flirt aka. The hardest girl to pickup. The reason being she gives out IOI’s like crazy so you have no idea what is or isn’t working. It’s like running blind…if you already know what your doing you might still get there. You’re negs where great but the party bit was very hastey. I’d reccomend pulling the “I don’t know you routine” and tell her, I quote: “hey babe, mabye we should lay off the drinks for a while. Your starting to hit on people like me you don’t even know” (feel free to throw in a smile edgewise) after that turn (while she is still speachless lol) and start running a group question around asking for an opinion (if it negs her the better). A personal favorite would be: “how about you guys, ever started talking to random people when you’re drunk?”. She’ll try to interject but keep pushing for an answer from the group. She’d have been putty in your hands…for a while. Again, and I’m not endorsing them, Mack tactics, or any program that teaches being the alpha male of the group. You have social control down pat with getting the group with you but you need to keep throwing blueeyes for a loop. Immedietely I’d reccomend a line like “awww your so cute, you remind me of my bratty little sister” gold man. Don’t let her keep the pants man. She’s sounds like the dominant one right nowud83dude09 Click


    April 8, 2016 at 6:03 am

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