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Morgan – Six

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“I want to play hockey.” I remember the day you told me about a year ago. We spent that final part of the winter going to the outdoor rink whenever we could on weekends so you could work on your skating, and internally I was thinking “maybe this will pass over the summer”. I played hockey as a boy, and I knew how time consuming it can become. Throughout the summer, not a word, but then on a warm day in late August you asked if you could go to open skating. Almost on queue you decided it was time to start getting ready for the season. Equipment was purchased and we started our new adventure. Hockey Player.

To say I couldn’t be prouder is an understatement. Watching you skate, I could only imagine that I was seeing exactly what my mom and dad saw when I started playing. A little boy, determined to succeed, growing stronger and stronger with every stride. You simply love to skate, and I love watching you. We’ll see where this hockey thing goes, but right now you love it.

Beyond hockey you grew a lot this year. You couldn’t be more different than your brother. No interest in Legos, Beyblades, or video games (except your hockey game), but rather you love to use your imagination. My favorite day of the week is Saturday where you and I wake up early, you ask for a cup of hot chocolate, and it’s only a matter of time until you are off imagining. Policeman, soldier, fireman, doctor, or spy, ever weekend there is an adventure waiting. It must be exciting to live your life. I know it’s exciting to watch. Thanks for being you. Every day you remind me I should be living life to it’s fullest. Thanks for being such a wonderful little boy. Happy Birthday buddy!

Morgan the hockey player
11-4 Practice-9921-Edit.jpg

Chasing the Puck
untitled shoot-1825-Edit.jpg

Tigers – Mites (2012/2013)
20130106 - TigersGame1-2855-Edit.jpg

Owning the road!




My favorite picture of the year. Something about it captures your soul. Congrats on turning six!


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February 22, 2013 at 5:00 am

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Morgan – You’re turning four today and Mom and Dad couldn’t be prouder of the boy you are becoming.

I have so much fun watching you grow up as the youngest brother, and one of the youngest kids in the neighborhood because that’s exactly what I was when I was your age. To compare how you attack a challenge (brave and fearless) to how Owen does (careful and measured) allows me to almost see my own childhood replayed right before my eyes and I wouldn’t trade it for the world. And, while you so desperately want to do everything that your brother does, you are also very much your own person. You have a unique outlook on life and are not consumed with anything material. Rather, you choose to spend your days pursuing happiness, which can take many forms.

This year saw you learn so much. From riding your bike, to developing a love of music, to becoming a little boy that can sit and have a conversation, these years are simply amazing. As I type this, you’re letters and numbers are becoming clearer in your mind every single day. It is amazing to see the world begin to make sense to you and for you to begin to put your unique stamp up on it. Don’t every lose your happy, gentle soul because I’m certain the world is a better place because of you.

Happy Birthday Morgan. Mom, Dad, and Bro-Bro are so very proud that you are four!!


Learning to Pedal
Learning to Pedal

Cotton Candy
Cotton Candy


Proof that the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree. When I asked you who was on the far right of this picture you said “me” (meaning Morgan). In fact, that’s your dad at a similar age. Same eyes, same cheeks, same nose, same lips, same hair. Amazing.

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Happy Birthday Mo-Mo

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Morgan - TWO

Mo-Mo.  That’s what you call yourself, and it fits you well.

This year was a big for you as you grew from a baby to a little boy.  You’re happy and carefree attitude brightens everyone’s day.

You were loved by grandparents that have raised you almost every day.  Papa Tom and Nana Mary watched you on Monday’s and Papa Rick and Nana Ruth traveled from Hayward each week to watch your Tuesday-Thursday.  You are an incredibly lucky boy, and returned the favor every day with hugs as they left for the day.  You developed a special bond with Papa Rick, helping him will all of his projects.  Somehow I think Papa Rick developed a special bond with you too.  It was wonderful watching you two together.

You worked hard to keep up with your brother too.  You fear very little and are determined not to be left behind.  Watching a friendship unfold before our eyes make us realize just how lucky we are to have two happy little guys.  While not without your moments, you and Owen are brothers to the core.

This year had it’s challenges too.  You had a few trips to the hospital, including two minor surgeries.  At the beginning of the year, you feared doctors, but frequent visits seemed to cure that fear.  In the world, 2008 was a remarkable year.  The economy self destructed on scale few could imagine, and Barack Obama made history being elected president.  We’re not out of the woods yet, but I’m thankful you were around each night to remind us what is really important.  In fact, my favorite moment of each day is when you and I call it a day.  Each and every night we sit in your room with the lamp on reading a few books.  We then say night-night to mama, bro-bro, papa, nana, and Mo-Mo.  When I ask for a kiss, you always say “no”, but then reach up, grab my face and give me a kiss anyway.

These quiet little moments surely won’t last much longer, but they will always be some of my favorite memories.  Mo-Mo, you make life a lot of fun, and your mom and dad are very proud of the year you’ve had.  Happy birthday buddy!  Onto year three!

Here are some of our favorite moments of this great year.  Turn up the volume and enjoy!

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