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A decade. Wow. I can still remember rolling you out of the delivery room to show Great Grandma her very first great grandchild. I remember getting to know you at the hospital, driving you home, walking you around the house when we got home. I remember you getting sick at 2 weeks old and holding you upright at night for about 2 weeks so you could breath. It all just seems like a short time ago, but it wasn’t. You’re 10 Owen and we couldn’t be prouder.

At 10, you have an active imagination. This year has seen you enjoy starting to draw, continue to enjoy building lego creations, and thoroughly enjoy playing Minecraft. You’ve also started to enjoy reading which is wonderful to see. You’re devouring books during the evenings and appear to enjoy the worlds that reading is taking you into. You work independently and excel at school. You have a handful of really good friends that you enjoy playing with and a family that you love. You’re wise beyond your years, an independent soul that is sure in his ways. To say this is what I was hoping for 10 years ago when I met you would be an understatement, and while I realize that most every dad could write something like this about their son, I sure am happy to call you MY son. You’re an impressive young boy and I can’t wait to see what the next 10 years bring your way.

We love you O!

Owen @ 10
untitled shoot-3982.jpg

Owen with his best friends (Nick S, Owen, Oliver and Morgan, Devin, Jake, Tyler, Nick P, Cal)
untitled shoot-.jpg

Our trip to Washington state after you wanted to go visit the Space Needle

You took this picture

You continue to love visiting the lake

For sports, you took up snowboarding and started to hit the skatepark this year. Mostly on your scooter.
20130106 - OwenSnowboarding-2392.jpg


Your cousin Delaney = Soulmate
untitled shoot-3760.jpg


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11.11.11 ~ A year of learning.

Owen, today you turn eight on a pretty neat day (11.11.11) and, yet again, you had a fantastic year of being a kid.  You wear the burden of being the older brother perfectly and serve as a wonderful guide for your brother.  You are an independent spirit not overly interested in following the crowd, but rather in following your own interests with a degree of certainty that is amazing.  Those passions include taekwondo, video games, riding your bike, playing with your friends, legos (of course), watching Castle with Mom before you go to bed, and and every growing interest in reading.  Watching you read more and more this year has really been amazing.  You have suddenly moved from just reading words, to truly understanding what you are reading.  Just the other day, as I picked you up from school, you jumped in the car and told me you had five pages left in your book.  When we got home, you rushed to the living room to finish the book and were eager to start the next book in the series.  While simple, it’s so fun to watch the world open up to you a little more every single day!

This year:

  • After a year hiatus from your bike (after you crashed into a puddle with Poppy Tom), you rode your new Specialized HotRock like never before.  With Dad’s passion for riding, it was particularly rewarding to see you take to the freedom of your bike.
  • You told mom that you are going to be an engineer when you grow up.  Somehow, I believe that.  You have a passion for building things, understanding how things work, and a degree of precision and design in everything you build that will serve you well as you grow.
  • You continued to have a thirst for learning.  This summer we went to Chicago for the first time and it was fascinating to watch you navigate the Field Museum and the Museum of Science and Industry.  You sucked up knowledge like I’ve never seen before.

While watching all of this my love for you grows deeper every day.  I’m also glad to report that our tradition of a hug and a kiss right before bedtime continues.  It’s simply my favorite part of the day, and I hope it doesn’t stop any time soon.  I hope you know that with each of those hugs I grow prouder and prouder of the boy your are becoming.  Eight years old.  Hard to believe.  I love you Owen!  Happy Birthday buddy!

Here are my memories of your year:

Eight:  Owen, I couldn’t be prouder of you!


Learning: Our trip to Chicago opened up new worlds to you.


Baseball: The Ray’s went undefeated this year, with only one tie game.
Rays Baseball Club - 2011

Taekwondo: You finished this year at green belt
Breaking the Board

Freedom:  Specialized HotRock.  A sweet little bike that took you to new places.  Longest Ride: 16 miles.

Owen’s 8th Year Video:

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Learning to Fly

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Continually amazed while watching Owen grow up and try new things. For his birthday, in November, Owen asked for a skateboard. As luck would have it we got our first snow on his birthday making for a terribly long winter as well as erasing his opportunity to get outside.

We solved that by spending New Year’s Day at the 3rd Layer Skatepark to learn a little about skateboarding.  Everyone was nervous at the start.  Owen was eager to learn, but had never skateboarded before.  Mom and Dad were nervous for their little guy to succeed.  In typcial Owen fashion, he listened carefully, started cautiously, and quickly began to build his confidence.  Progressing from standing, to pushing, and then on to larger and larger ramps Owen fought through the spills with determination and was soon traveling significant distance and steering just a bit.

Leaving the park Owen said “can we come back tomorrow?”.  We’ll see if his interest maintains, but for now we’ll be proud of our little guy for his willingness to try new things. Go Owen Go!

Owen with his teacher

An early run.
Going Strong

Owen’s favorite part. Learning how to go up and down the ramp.

Learning to fly

Looking out at the skatepark.

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Almost Seven

Seven.  How time flies, and how fast you grow up.  It seems every year I say “it’s been the most amazing year yet” but that’s because you’re our first son, growing up right before our eyes and it really is amazing.  This year was truly spectacular and will be remembered for one main thing.  Reading.  After turning six, you learned to read and it was like a whole new world opened up to you.  Suddenly you were reading signs in the car, amazing us with the words you knew, and literally understood the world around you in an entirely new way.  It was fun to watch and amazing to think about what a transformational year this was.

You’re a gentle soul.  You look after your brother, and put up with much more from him than you really need to.  You make friends easily and value the friendships you forge.  You’re independent and tend to like to do your own thing.  You don’t feel the need to be involved in every sport or class, but you know what you want to do and you do it well.  This year your learned how to skate, played tee ball, improved your swimming, and had a blast in karate.  And, while  all of this is amazing and fun to watch, I’m most proud of what a fantastic little guy you are growing up to be.

My favorite part of every day, is right before you go to bed.  Most every night, you run to me for a quick hug and kiss and as you run out of the room, you say “good night daddy!”.  As you leave, it’s almost as if I see you growing up just a little more every day, an I’m happy to say that you’re doing just great!

So Owen, I think this year really was the most amazing year yet.  Mom and I are so proud to have you as our son!  Happy Birthday, and congratulations on being seven!  Love you

— daddy.

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SIXO, quite simply you are one of the sweetest little guys in the world.  At six, you’ve officially started to grow up and develop your own imagination, priorities and continue to break new ground in your ever determined way.

Let’s start with imagination,  You’re simply obsessed with Lego’s.  You love them.  The routine plays itself out over and over.  As you open a new Lego toy you dutifully follow the instructions to build yet another masterpiece that will only have a limited lifespan. Within two days, a once beautifully constructed space ship, car, or airplane is soon nothing but hundreds of more pieces of Legos in your mountain of interlocking blocks.  It’s at this point, your imagination takes over!  Most every day when you arrive home from school you set about creating an adventure.  Building various ships and buildings from that mountain of Legos to create a world of your own.  It’s been amazing to watch your imagination come alive over the past year in some of the coolest lego inventions that anyone could build.

As for priorities, this was your year of independence and a year that I watched to grow up and become your own person.  It happened slowly, but over the course of the year, you were more content to be on your own.  Almost preferring it at times.  No longer did you want dad next to you every time you relaxed on the couch.  No longer did you need Mom or me in order to play.  No longer did I have to be so concerned when you were outside, I just knew you would be ok.  This is the year I will remember that you started your own journey in life.  Taking the roads that you want to take.  No longer content to just follow along.  At least you still look behind you every now and then just to make sure Mom and I are there, and every so often you still ask me to lay down with you at night.  I know you will continue to grow up more and more, but part of me just wants to bottle you up exactly as you are so nothing changes.

Finally, as you choose those roads that you want to take it has been fun to see you break new ground.  This year Poppie Tom taught you to ride your bike without training wheels.  For some reason, you don’t really listen to dad, but Poppie convinced you that he could teach you to ride your bike in ten short lessons.  He took you on the street and to the school parking lot and you counted down the lessons in anticipation of riding on your own.  I will always remember the day I pulled up to the school parking lot to see my Owen riding across the parking lot all by himself.  In typcial Owen fashion, it didn’t take you ten lessons to learn how to ride.  I think you had it after about six.

This year also other firsts.  You began to play soccer, you formed a great friendship with your best friend/neighbor, Michael, and of course you started kindergarten.  The first day of kindergarten was harder on me than you.  I had the opportunity to drop you off that day, and to be able to see you be so excited and brave was fantastic.  Now, each  and every day you load up three lego guys in your pocket (so you have enough to share with friends), and head off to school to learn new things and begin to conquer the world.  You continue to amaze me every day as you form new friendships and learn amazing new things.

So it’s been a big year buddy.  You’re a loyal friend to those around you, a patient brother to Morgan, and fantasic son to Mom and I.  Quite simply, I couldn’t be prouder of the boy that you’ve become.  You make me so proud, and remember….  I love you to the mailbox and back.  Happy birthday little guy!

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42 1/4″ tall.  Hard to believe, but Owen is five years old today. A wonderful little boy who’s slipped on the role of big brother like a comfortable jacket.  This year was the year of being brave.  With the weight of alway being the first to try things on his shoulders, Owen took on several challenges over the year with bravery.  Whether it was riding his big boy bike, going on rides at Mall of America, or just sleeping in his dark room, Owen took pride in being so brave while his mom and I stood and watched with pride.

Imagination kicked in as well.  Owen loves to build lego machines, draw pictures, and build forts.  He’s growing so independent and it’s fun to watch, but it’s also hard to see him pull away from us.  He’s now perfectly content playing with his toys and games in the evening, so I cherish evey chance we have to cuddle, every wrestling match, every walk to the park.

Owen, on your fifth birthday, I couldn’t be more proud of you.  You don’t know how much joy you bring to this family.  Happy Birthday buddy, enjoy it!

Enjoy some highlights of they year here:

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